Titles by the Author

The Panopticon Series -

The Recidivist - part 1
A species saved but at what cost? Child of the light, Gabriel, can no longer bear the annihilation – Gabriel's tears of despair increase as the Gods’ thirst for human blood escalates. He begins a grief-filled quest through time to save his beloved humans, but Gabriel's tears are not shed in vain. They transform into protective and powerful stones for the humans, striking fear into the hearts of the mighty Gods. The opening part of the Panopticon series is an exploration of religious, moral and political ethics throughout history, and across alternative worlds. This story ‘gets up close and personal’ with historical characters – the result being a unique re-imagining of ancient myths and legends. Released: 2012

The Recidivist book cover - front cover only

The Penitentiary - part 2
How far is too far? Elena wakes up after her accident with no memory of who she once was. All she knows is that that she feels connected to a child, Gabriel, who is bound to her through a remarkable gift. On the other side of the world, Mikael wakes up alone, his mind lost as well. Yet another wayward spirit, Tennyson, has woken up every morning for over a decade feeling alien in his own body. They all feel like they do not belong, their skins a prison. The soul who put them there to rot watches their punishing isolation hidden behind a veil. The second part of the Panopticon series explores the length to which some will go to punish crimes of obsession. Released: 2011

The Penitentiary front cover
Crusades book cover - front cover only

Dialecticoma Dreaming - short stories volume 1
This book is a journey into the imagination of dreams and philosophical minefields. I am often asked the question, where does that wild imagination of yours come from? It usually follows my recounting of a curious story of a grand or mysterious adventure on earth or in outer space, of strange happenings, or of events of incredible horror. My response to the question is almost always the same - “I had this really weird dream last night”. For as long as I can remember, my nights (and days) have been filled with a landscape of idiosyncratic symbol-filled stories. These are the tangents of life in my mind. This book pulls together a small number of short stories that have been inspired by my dreams. Released: late 2013


Transition Girl

There is an ageless philosophical question. What defines our actions and the core essence of who we are as a person? Can we pinpoint snapshot moments in time that drive our behaviour? Transition Girl takes us into the world of Lucia, who, through her journalling, is seeking to discover if she has any inner core, and by extension, if any person does. Lucia’s journey offers a rare insight to observe a person, who leads a life of apparent hedonism pick herself apart as she tries to solve her life’s master puzzle. Released: 2009

transition girl COVER

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